Any package which fails to deliver or is refused will be sent back to us via the same postal service used to deliver it. Returns however, come back at a much slower pace since they are not considered a priority over delivering outbound packages. This can often times mean a delayed return before we can begin to process your package.

Once the package has arrived back one of two things will happen.

  1. Packages that have been refused will be refunded if possible minus the original shipping charge and minus the return shipping fee if there is one. If the order contains non-refundable items then you will be contacted to discern the reason why you refused it. We can re-ship the package, but at the expense of the customer. Non-refundable items will not be refunded even if the package is refused. Your package will remain in our warehouse until reshipped.
  2. Packages that fail to deliver due to bad addresses, incorrect spelling etc will have their recipients contacted to correct the address issue and the package will be reshipped to you. If you notice a “Return to Shipper” exception in your package tracking information, please contact us so we can get your information updated as quickly as possible to make your reshipping turn around time as fast as possible.

If you have any questions, please use the contact links above.

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